At Whaxia Cultural Innovation Group you'll discover a large (4,000 S.F.) exhibition space where you can reflect on your thoughts or engage in dynamic discussions. Our friendly, experienced team is always ready to receive you. We are ready to engage you in a conversation about pieces that may interest you. Our doors are open for you to come in and to browse our extensive collections. We're also happy to provide you with a personalized introduction to our artworks.


Deputy Mayor of Toronto Norm Kelly, Master Kao Ying, Senator Victor Oh, Dr. Jason Kao celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the Gallery (Oct. 2013) 多倫多市副市長凱利、高瀅先生、胡子修參議員、高耀星博士為藝廊慶生 (2013年10月)
Dr. Kao Making Presentation on Chinese paintings and calligraphy at the University of Toronto 高耀星博士於多倫多大學以英語演講"中國書畫欣賞與市場" (書法家石甫現場示範)
Dr. Kao donated two pieces of original artwork to support earthquake victims in Sichuan in April 2013. 高耀星博士捐贈兩件藝術品支持雅安地震賑災籌款,均以高價成交。
Kao Ying at 2010 Shanghai Expo (China Pavilion)

關鍵字多倫多多倫多畫廊名家書畫名家原作水墨畫書法畫展書畫國畫水彩油畫版畫裱畫原作藝廊專業展覽 高瀅高耀星 馬鵬拍賣張大千林風眠 陳秋言朱嵐朱軍山伍彝生 Chinese painting calligraphy artwork Toronto gallery art gallery buy sell asian oriental japanese Asian Oriental Ma Peng, Kao Ying, Peng Ma, Jason Kao, brush painting, guohua, ink painting, Chinese art,加拿大 Canada Ontario artworks專業畫廊 水墨畫家 國畫家 多倫多藝廊 高瀅書畫院 高瀅畫廊